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Ford Kanzler

Blue Bike Fork Crown & Front Brake Caliper

I'm not a collector. My passion and interest are locating, restoring, inventorying, and re-selling vintage Italian steel frame-sets for cyclists to build and ride. The enjoyment of conserving fine artisan work that might otherwise end up in landfills is my motivation. Formerly, I restored and rebuilt complete bikes. But the process is highly complex and time-consuming. Frame restoration is far more satisfying. Frames are reconditioned for riders, or vintage collectors and certainly worthy of display. With refinished frames, customers may customize their bike however they desire using the parts they feel are the best. What's most important is to Ride the Bike. The growing list of satisfied customers is highly valued and an enjoyable aspect of this hobby which helps me continue it.


Assistance locating vintage Italian frames for refinishing is appreciated. I do not provide refinishing services. There are numerous excellent refinishers across the country.