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Vintage Italian Steel Frame-Sets
- Refinished or Restored

I locate, refinish or restore, then re-sell vintage Italian vintage frame-sets, typically from the 70s and 80s. It's a hobby/business focused on conserving artisan pieces of cycling history for cyclists to continue enjoying. You can find my restored frame-sets listed for sale on eBay, along with information which helps riders build their bike from the frame up, as well as here on this site. If your passion is riding vintage Italian steel, you've come to the right place!

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Build your dream ride with
a vintage steel frame, made to last.
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About Ford Kanzler

As a cyclist for more than 50 years and a bike restorer for almost 20, I find great satisfaction in returning "cosmetically challenged" bike frames — those far beyond patina — into like-new frames for cyclists to build and enjoy riding. I work with Italian artisan steel frame-sets and use modern tools and techniques to create a refinished product that is far more durable than the original frame-set. Some of the frames are re-plated to ensure that every vintage frame-set sold features chrome plating in very good to excellent condition and is free of pits. My current inventory includes Italian bicycle frames in a range of sizes, with more always on the way! Read More >>

(650) 288-4379


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Prefer USA shipping only via Bikeflights/Fedex. Can accommodate some other geographies at differing costs. Local pickup is also an option.


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